How to create a perfect Business Listing – An A to Z Guide

How to create a perfect Business Listing – An A to Z Guide


The major strategy of any entrepreneur has to be marketing. There are different ways in which one can advertise their business. The online mode has enhanced the visibility of businesses amongst the locals. Local search visibility aids in driving traffic and generating revenue. 


A significant step is to create a business listing. Business listings have been known to boost the online presence of different local businesses. Local users are often attracted to precise information, images and ratings. This results in driving them from being a potential customer to an actual purchaser. It is quite easy to create a listing related to business. Underneath are major steps you should take for the same.


Channels where your business should be listed


Plenty of platforms are floating over the internet that offers you to create a listing. Here are some of the most popular platforms.


  1. Google My Business- Google is known to be the topmost search engine in the world. It has a command of over 88 percent in the global search market. Create a business listing on google as the first step.
  2. Bing Places- Bing is known to have a share of 6 percent in the global search market. Still, it is worth it to create a business listing using it as a platform. The reason is it constitutes 6 percent of many billions of searches.
  3. Yelp- This is the best-known business review website in the US market to date. The ratings for yelp are very high with many reviews helping their growth in terms of revenue. It is said that about 42 percent of the people visiting Yelp make a purchase the same day.
  4. NextDoor – This platform is meant for targeting hyperlocal marketing. Businesses tend to register for listings that are popular in their nearby areas. They have mentioned that one-fourth of the US homes have been using NextDoor for business listings.
  5. Yahoo Localworks- Bing has the power to look over Yahoo searches. In simple terms, the traffic generated by Yahoo is the same as that of Bing. Yahoo constitutes a mere 2 percent of the search market but is significant in the global business listings.


The above-mentioned are the popular and major sites. There are many other sites that you could consider like HotFrog, SuperPages, FourSquare, and eLocal.


Keeping your listings updated


It is important to update your listings from time to time. But with so many sites, it becomes difficult to keep a check on each one of them. Here are 2 ways to make this task easier.


  1. Choose only those sites that make the most sense for the niche of your business. Consider the major sites first, that will help you to increase visibility. 
  2. Make the most use of any SEO tool like Ubersuggest. This will help you to optimize the information and reach different sites simultaneously.


How to create a business profile on a listing?


Every site has got a different set of steps for creating a profile. Amongst the major sites mentioned, Google My Business is the most popular. Here are the steps to set up the Google My Business page.

  1. Locate the business – Search on google for your business or over Select the “claim this business” option. If someone else has made a film over your business then get an ownership transfer.
  2. After a few days, the site will send you an email after which you can start organizing your listing. You have to go to verify my business option after this step.
  3. Other sites also have kind of the same pattern.  Bing sends a PIN for verification purposes.
  4. Use the google my business optimization services to increase your local visibility.
  5. After you have a verification your business would be published in a couple of days.
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