About us

ShopRentals is one of the best business listing sites in India that provides technology and similar services. Our clients include young as well as experienced entrepreneurs who have businesses ranging from small to large scale. We help such flourishing businesses to gain popularity and strengthen their market presence. Our online business listing platform has the most desired categories of businesses with precise details.

What do we do?

ShopRentals is an exclusive business directory for local businesses, manufacturers, B2B, local service providers, professionals and industries. We have managed to gather business from different regions within the country and witnessed a straight growing graph. We have the confidence to say that we are amongst the best business directories for online listings and advertisements. 

Our services include providing listings, events, classifieds, blogs, service articles and video listings. The wide spectrum of our services has gained attention substantially in recent times.

Our Mission

To establish an online business directory that has the most reliable, comprehensive and fast information about diverse businesses from various backgrounds along with making transactions and discoveries much easier.

Our Key Highlights

  • Coverage- We have a wide presence covering all parts of India.
  • Attraction proposition- ShopRentals has a lot of value-added services like payment solutions, online visibility with huge impact and customisations
  •  Expert supervision – Our sales team has a strong core and great experience. Our experts have immense local market knowledge with ideas for people across the country.
  • Easy approach- Our website allows you to enter your address most easily. The profiles are linked with the maps so that people can easily get in touch with you.
  • No duplicate profiles- We ensure that your data is safe with us. We do not entertain any fraudulent ventures or duplicates.
  • Golden reviews- The businesses are reviewed by the topmost visitors. Reviews are also refined by us.
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