Nikki’s Unisex Salon & Academy

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Indulge in top-notch hair and beauty services at Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy, the leading salon in Ahmednagar and a revered beauty parlour in Ahmednagar. Your ultimate destination for impeccable grooming, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy invites you to a realm of relaxation and luxury, ensuring you emerge revitalized and rejuvenated.


Exquisite Hair Services:

Recognizing the significance of your hair, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy presents an array of hair services tailored to your needs at our salon in Ahmednagar. From precise haircuts to transformative coloring, our offerings cater to your desires. Our skilled stylists are dedicated to crafting hairstyles that mirror your preferences – be it timeless elegance or modern trends. Select from a variety of hair colors and techniques to achieve your envisioned look at our beauty parlour in Ahmednagar. Our rejuvenating hair treatments revitalize and restore your hair's health, leaving it vibrant and lustrous. Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy is your ultimate haven for all your hair essentials in Ahmednagar.

Elevate Your Natural Beauty:

Elevate your inherent beauty through the comprehensive beauty services at Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy. Our adept professionals at our salon in Ahmednagar are committed to enhancing your natural features, empowering you to radiate confidence effortlessly. Immerse yourself in revitalizing facials, precise waxing, threading, and impeccable makeup application. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the use of premium products and expert techniques, ensuring you depart our beauty parlour in Ahmednagar feeling reinvigorated and stunning. Your journey to heightened natural beauty commences at Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy.


Unveiling Bridal Glamour:

For your special day, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy introduces bespoke bridal packages encompassing bridal makeup, hairstyling, and pre-wedding treatments. Your wedding deserves nothing but perfection. Our skilled professionals at our salon in Ahmednagar collaborate with you to materialize the ideal bridal makeup and hairstyle, complementing your style and accentuating your innate allure. Complementing these services, our pre-wedding treatments ensure radiant and flawless skin as you step down the aisle. Trust Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy, the distinguished beauty parlour in Ahmednagar, to curate a look that encapsulates your radiance and confidence on your wedding day.

Nail Care: Journey to Elegance:

Indulge in opulent nail care experiences at Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy, offering an assortment of nail services. From luxurious manicures to pampering pedicures, our skilled technicians provide a range of options, including gel nails and intricate nail art at our salon in Ahmednagar. Employing premium products and meticulous techniques, we guarantee the aesthetic appeal and vitality of your nails. Choose from classic manicures to imaginative nail art creations, reflecting your unique style at our beauty parlour in Ahmednagar. Experience a transformation that leaves a lasting impression.

Chart Your Path to Success:

If the beauty industry beckons, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy is your gateway. Our academy extends comprehensive professional courses and training programs, empowering you to transform your passion into a gratifying career. Aspiring hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail technicians benefit from expert guidance from experienced instructors at our salon in Ahmednagar. Our academy provides hands-on training in a bona fide salon setting, aptly preparing you for the industry's demands. Equipped with an expansive curriculum and a supportive environment, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy empowers you to embark on a prosperous journey in the beauty sector.

In Conclusion: Your Haven of Beauty in Ahmednagar:

Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy, nestled at the heart of Ahmednagar, stands as a testament to beauty and excellence. As the premier salon in Ahmednagar and a revered beauty parlour in Ahmednagar, we are dedicated to surpassing your expectations with unparalleled services. Spanning hair, beauty, bridal elegance, nail care, and professional training, Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy beckons you to an odyssey of self-discovery and transformation. Your pursuit of exemplary beauty services culminates at Nikki's Unisex Salon & Academy, where we redefine beauty through each treatment.

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Parijat Chowk, Savedi, Ahmednagar - 414003 (Near Mamata Gas Godown)

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