What are backlinks in SEO? Why are backlinks important?

What are backlinks in SEO? Why are backlinks important?

In common terms, backlinks are often called incoming links or inbound links. What are backlinks in SEO? A basic definition for a backlink would be a link that is created when one website is linked to another. These are considered to be important entities in the world of SEO. They are supposed to represent the vote of confidence in respect of one site to another.

In simple language, an answer to the question “what are backlinks in SEO?” Backlinks to a webpage are critical clues to search engines that others may assert for the content present on that website. In case several different sites link themselves to the same webpage then search engines can deduce if the content is worth being linked also and worth surfacing on a SERP. Therefore, gaining more backlinks for SEO is beneficial for the website and its search visibility.

How to earn backlinks?

After knowing what backlinks mean let us focus our attention on the ways to earn them. An essential component of any off-page SEO strategy would be earning backlinks. They are considered to be the most effective off-page ranking characteristic. There are three usual ways to use a backlink SEO strategy.

Natural links
These links are given without involving any action from the owner of the website. The best method to gain natural links is to consistently develop meaningful and high-quality content.
Manual links
These can be acquired through link-earning activities. Another method is known as guest blogging to create a manual link. You must make sure that you link to your website within the content.
Self-created links
These get created when the manager of a website manually adds a backlink into any blog comment, forum or online directory. But you have to be careful while creating such links as they may be easy to make but many such tricks tend toward “black hat SEO” strategies that create a negative impact. Self-created links are usually followed by “no follow” tags.

Why are backlinks important?

Gain reliability and credibility

If you get good links from reliable and established sources your rank would uplift from the SEO viewpoint. Also, it will help you to upscale your trustworthiness as a business.

Higher rankings
Backlinks support you on google and other search engines and thus, get you a better ranking position. If quality backlinks for SEO being redirected to your website are absent, you might miss out on the most important ranking factor. This factor would allow you to showcase your business as a trustworthy firm in your industry and thereby help you to get a higher position for key search terminologies. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that whatever backlinks you earn are good in terms of quality. You have to avoid links that are known to hamper Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Divert referral traffic to your webpage

The first time the web was introduced, links were simply navigational. Links aim to guide browsers from one page to another within a single site or among different sites. In the current scenario, links have been regarded as prime ranking factors by google so the principle remains the same. The higher quality links get your website healthy traffic. This way you can acquire maximum benefits of backlinks in SEO.

Help google cover new pages
Googlebot is dependent on links for exploring new pages on the web. This is the basic principle behind how the content is curated, crawled and tabulated. One link from a reliable source will promote the content on your page to get indexed by google before others and thus enhance your ranking position.


Creating backlinks is an easy step but in SEO terms, a backlink SEO strategy may not be enough to go against your competitors. You may require as many as thousands or even millions of backlinks to see visible results. Correct usage of backlink SEO tools adds on. Anyway, backlinks have been termed as primary factors in uplifting your ranking. Higher quality backlinks from reliable and good sources would help you to perform better and gain more viewers for your webpage.


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