10 Types of Backlinks that will Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

10 Types of Backlinks that will Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

The concept of indulging a link directed to a specific page that gives plagiarism-free and high-quality content was introduced by Google in its numerous algorithm changes. Currently, even after the introduction of hundreds of such algorithm-related updates, backlinks are considered to be the most crucial part of boosting your website in SERPs.

Backlinks are different in terms of value and quality. It is known that a backlink is of considerable value when it anchors the text and contains target keywords. In Other words, your link-building strategy must include target keywords as per your content. Although, even if keywords are absent the link will still be counted as a vote.

Types of backlinks useful for SEO

Talking about the types of backlinks in SEO there are 2 types of backlinks primarily do follow and no follow. However, it is difficult for a reader to differentiate between the two. Given below are ten types of backlinks in SEO that will boost your search engine rankings.

Backlinks mentioned in the bio
Such links are no-follow links. In some cases only the author’s bio provides them. Various social media profiles have particular links mentioned in their bio which may be linked with blogs, web portals or brand websites.

Acknowledgement backlinks
In case the site has to offer a present, sponsors any industry gathering, sends their representatives to speak at any event, etc. they include such backlinks. When you include such backlinks it is easier for you to identify the basis of your competitor’s backlinks. This will allow you to formulate a strategy for expanding traffic to your site.

Comment backlinks
An affordable marketing technique which is of great use amongst bloggers but used rarely is including comment backlinks. This type however needs constant updates and also requires a latent period to show effects.

Free-tool backlink
Another type of backlink in off-page SEO is a free tool backlink. Such backlinks have been quoted as a powerful way for creating a good impact on SEO. You can offer such a tool to anyone in your industry and ask them to include it on their website with a backlink to yours. This will promote your page and increase traffic.
Local directory backlinks
As per google, backlinks from local business directories do not have much role in SEO. Google keeps up the objective of saving people from bulk submissions to such directories. But this does not imply that directories aren’t useful. In some cases, they assume a crucial role in backlink-building strategy.

Header, sidebar and footer links
Also known as “sitewide links” such backlinks are present on every page of a website and have goods. Google knows how to evaluate the worth of such links along with their relevance as per their position on the page.

Press Release Backlink
People rarely read press releases these days but press release backlinks might help in SEO. As soon as you create a press release related to your business followed by the publishing of an article by media outlets, you can use them to achieve backlinks to your site.

Editorial backlink
Such links aren’t cheap which means that these links originate from highly authoritative websites with high rankings. Such websites have been choosy about guest posts.

Pillow links
Social profiles, citations, forum postings, niche directories, press releases and blog comments are examples that come under this category of backlinks. They give users a more diverse view and authenticity of the profile.

Guest posts
These are the most widely used links in the SEO world. A guest link might be free or paid. It is an agreement between two websites where one is concerned with writing the guest post for the other site. The other sites then get a link placed within their article directed towards the first party’s site.

After you have gained knowledge about types of backlinks in off page SEO, it is important to think of a backlink building strategy. You should be aware of the advantages provided by each backlink and link building activities. The idea is to use a mixture of such backlinks. There might be other link building strategies in SEO too but, using different backlinks as per the need assumes to be the single best SEO link building strategy.

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