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Tulip Arena by Sunita Global ltd

Tulip Arena was started with a vision of creating a consistent & reliable offering that gives you what you care about the most – a great room, in the best location, at a surprisingly affordable rate. Tulip Arena in the Heart of Upper Midtown Raipur G.E Road. It’s just a few blocks away from some of the City’s leading corporate offices, malls & shopping destinations. Starting with service apartments in 2017, we have upgraded ourselves to Tulip Arena – Hotel, Clubs & Events – As the new kid on the block, we want to create such an impression that you will go home and tell all your friends about us and of course, we hope to welcome you back on your next trip to the City.

Administration Apartment by Tulip Arena

Administration condos by Tulip Arena is a completely outfitted private unit and is an ideal convenience for short and extended stays as it is a piece of most premium lodging settlements for example Sunita Park situated on G.E.Road. Raipur (CG ). It is encircled by Malls and star Hotels all within strolling distance. Ideal for families, couples, families (with children) and family parties, business voyagers, and so on be it for a short or extended stay. Our Service condos are a reasonable option in contrast to costly lodging, our lofts offer extravagance, solace, and the security of a confidential home with 5-star conveniences. Your visit with us will on average cost you around 40% not exactly any equivalent inn in the city. It is found exceptionally near Swami Vivekanand Airport and shopping centers in the city.


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Spurred by the energetic difficult work of the Bees who buckle down in a group to accomplish their aggregate objectives in wonderful sync between Body, Mind, and Soul at a Time.… .we constructed this Club for blossoming with our shared objective of an "All-encompassing Balanced Healthy Lifestyle" and named it as Bee Club.

Time and well-being are two valuable resources that we don't perceive and appreciate until they have been drained. Wellness isn't tied in with being superior to another person… It's tied in with being superior to what you used to be. Consistently is one more opportunity to get more grounded, eat better, live better, and be your best self. Presently the Bee Club halfway Air-molded on the highest level of Tulip Tower offers you an exceptional Gym, Infinity Lap Pool with Jacuzzi, and a Multipurpose Activity Hall great for Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, or other comparable exercises, and a little comfortable Reading/Relaxing Room.

Our Standards and Values

1. Award-Winning Service

At the point when it opened… . it was the initial endeavor into neighborliness for Sunita worldwide Group, one of Raipur's most seasoned and most believed Real domain organizations. Today it is the First decision top-of-the-line convenience in Raipur. Since its commencement, it has been enthusiastically suggested and extraordinarily checked on by all reserving stages. Tulip field has likewise reliably kept a higher rating on Google, Booking.com, and Trip consultant when contrasted with any overhauled condo or lodging in its group.

2. Explanation Of Values

Like all organizations in Sunita Group, the Tulip field endeavors to be an exceptional individual from the local area in which it is found. Each work is made to buy products locally and reward the neighborhood local area whenever the situation allows. The actual appearance of the Tulip field is an impression of the nature of the Tulip field's administrations and the expertise of the Tulip field Team.

3. Proceeded with Improvement

The Tulip field owes its prosperity and grants to its devoted group. Each individual from the Tulip field group cooperates to give visitors the most ideal assistance. TA supports this through a system of advancing from the inside and giving the best to its own group. We furnish each colleague with amazing chances to progress in their professions, imminent choices, and the help they need to work on their own financial circumstances.

4. Sunita Group

Sunita worldwide Group has been at the very front of Raipur's land improvement since its establishment in 1983 by Hari Prasad Gupta, an independent business visionary. The Sunita Group presently involves Four separate elements: Sunita worldwide ltd(SGL), Sunita Finlease Ltd (SFL), Global Tea brokers(GT), Sunita developers(SD), and wish cart.

Contact Information

Tulip, Sunita Park, G.E Road, Labhandih, Chhattisgarh 492006

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