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A Complete Guide About Conducting a Backlink Analysis

A complete guide about conducting a backlink analysis

Many blogs are floating over the internet that have amazing content but still couldn’t find their way into Google’s top searches. Why is it so? Is having phenomenal content the only thing required to establish your writing over the top in different search lists? Well, the answer is no. Every content needs support to have the place it deserves and the best modality for this is the usage of backlinks.

What is backlink analysis and why is it important?

A backlink analysis encompasses the evaluation of the quality and number of websites that are linked to a specific content comprehensively.
It provides reviews not only in terms of number but an entire gallery of anchor text, quality, and recency of backlinks. It simultaneously takes care of other factors for providing and improving SEO.

A website backlink analysis holds a lot of value. It gives us a perspective on the usefulness of the content on your website. A hint to this would be the fact that different sites link themselves to your content and trust your site. If there are a large number of backlinks connected with your site it indicates a loyal follower base that is interested to share your content along with their own.

Such an analysis also helps you to define one of your SEO objectives. On analyzing a top-ranking contender, you will get several quality-assured backlinks to improve SEO and surpass them too.

How to do a backlink analysis in SEO?

This is directed towards concerns like, how to find backlinks of any website, how are backlinks created and what is backlink analysis in SEO.
Backlink analysis can be made in 4 easy steps using tools like Serpstat, Ahrefs and Semrush. Here we have chosen Serpstat for the same.

Total number of backlinks linking to your site
The first objective is to glance over the number of backlinks being linked to your page. SEO software can aggregate all the backlinks in no time. Using Serpstat or a similar tool, you can enter your domain and yield a high-level analysis. Once you are done with the number of backlinks, you can proceed with the granular data located in your backlink profile.

Curate unique domains

The next step would be to focus on the quality domains from different sources. Google does not amplify content over sites that have a higher number of backlinks but rather focuses on high-quality unique domains being linked. If you have managed to get multiple backlinks from different sites it signifies that your content is being favored. For this, you can go to the total backlink number on the Serpstat tool to get a more detailed view of individual backlinks and referred pages along with the lost backlinks too.

Checking the quality of domains
After getting information about the total number of backlinks and their domains it is important to evaluate their sources. Google has a habit of looking for high-value sites with high-domain quality. So how do we know a backlink is a high-quality one? Two main factors that determine high-quality backlinks are the age of the backlink and domain authority.
By domain authority, we mean assessing the reputation and validity of the domain linked to your page. In Serpstat, this can be assessed by taking care of the domain score of individual backlinks.

Taking care of anchor text quality
Now let’s have a look over the way sites are getting linked to the hour page. Anchor text stands for the phrases or words on the website that are hyperlinked to your page. They are crucial as they help you improve the quality of the backlinks you receive. The SEO tools easily source down all the backlinks’ anchor texts. In the individualized view, there is a column named anchor backlink”. You can get all the individual anchor text variations there.

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